Vehicle Technology

What can you do to adapt to new vehicle technology?

If drivers are operating a newer car with some of the new technology listed here, they should be familiar with how these tools work to help them drive safely.

  • Smart headlights (Adaptive headlights)
  • Emergency response systems
  • Back-up cameras (reverse monitoring systems)
  • Blind Spot & Lane Departure warning systems
  • Vehicle stability control
  • Assistive parking & Voice-activated systems
  • Crash mitigation systems (collision avoidance)
  • Drowsy driver alerts

Visit the AAA website for more information regarding new car technologies and how to use them.

Download AAA’s Advanced-Driver-Assistance-Technology-for-Older-Driver-Safety to learn about some of the latest advancements in vehicle safety technologies.

View AARP Driver Safety Videos to learn all about these advancements that are becoming standard.